Volume – 9, Number – 1, January – June 2020

Volume – 9, Number – 1, January – June 2020

Annals of Phytomedicine: An International Journal
Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Irfan Ali Khan
Managing Editor : Dr. Atiya Khanum

1. Invited commentary : Open access
The importance of the pet market for the development of new products based on medicinal plants and their derivatives
Douglas S. A. Chaves
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.1

7. Invited article : Open access
Herbs that heal: The philanthropic behaviour of nature
Ahmad Ali
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.2

18. Special invited article : Open access
The COVID-19 pandemic: A scoping review
Adnan A. Khan, Shiba Khan, Unaiza Khan and Kuntal Das
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.3

27. Review article: Open access
Agrobacterium-mediated transformation in medicinal trees
S. Mohana Priya, S. Indhu, R. Kalaiselvi and Rekha R. Warrier
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.4

32. Review article: Open access
Pomegranate and its wild genotypes: Nutraceutical opportunities and challenges
Hamid, N. S. Thakur, Abhimanyu Thakur, Chetna Sharma, Kanchan Bhatt and Adnan A. Khan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.5

44. Review article: Open access
Phytochemical, pharmacological and biological properties of Ajuga turkestanica (Rgl.) Brig (Lamiaceae)
Bakhodir Mamarasulov, Kakhramon Davranov and Dilfuza Jabborova
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.6

58. Review article: Open access
Systematic study on protective role of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) on central nervous system disorders
MD Imad Uddin, A. Vandana, G. Kavya and Yousuf Hussain Syed
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.7

66. Original article: Open access
Development of standard operating procedures and quality standard of Kushta Gaodanti with HPTLC fingerprinting and hyphenated techniques
Mohammed Zafar, Mohammed Abdul Rasheed Naikodi, Kommu Nagaiah and P. V. Sunder Raju
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.8

78. Original article: Open access
Physicochemical characterization and antimicrobial properties of Mahamanjishthadi kadha: An Ayurvedic formulation
Kapil Thakur, P. Mini Mol, Madhuree Gawhankar, Himanshu Gupta, Priyanka Patil, Shabina Salmani and Mansee Thakur
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.9

91. Original article: Open access
Formulation and evaluation of Stevia oral hygiene preparation: A noble herbal toothpaste
Kuntal Das, Tehseen Atchia Abdoolah and James Sounder
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.10

98. Original article: Open access
Innovative technique for rapid in vitro multiplication of rootless shoots in Andrographis paniculata (Burm. f) Nees: A plant with immense pharmaceutical value
Aayeti Shailaja, Mote Srinath, Byreddi Bhavani Venkata Bindu and Charu Chandra Giri
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.11

107. Original article: Open access
α-Amylase inhibitory activity of microencapsulated Nigella sativa L. and herb- drug interaction: An in vitro analysis
Lijo N Varghese and Nupur Mehrotra
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.12

113. Original article: Open access
Efficacy of some variables of extraction to the total phenolic and flavonoid content in young mango (Mangifera indica L.) leaf
Minh Phuoc Nguyen
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.13

116. Original article: Open access
Isolation and characterization of endophytic bacteria from ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)
Dilfuza Jabborova, Kannepalli Annapurna, Mohina Fayzullaeva, Khurshid Sulaymonov, Dilbar Kadirova, Zafarjon Jabbarov and R. Z. Sayyed
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.14

122. Original article: Open access
Isolation and screening of fungi from rotten wood for various hydrolytic enzymes production
Dimple Tanwar, Nivedita Sharma, Nisha Sharma and Prashant Kumar Prusty
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.15

129. Original article: Open access
Processing of dragon fruit beverage by acoustic treatment
Minh Phuoc Nguyen
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.16

133. Original article: Open access
HPTLC fingerprinting of various extracts of Couroupita guianensis flowers for establishment of in vitro antimalarial activity through isolated compound
R. Shwetha, T. S. Roopashree, Kuntal Das, N. Prashanth and Rakesh Kumar
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.17

141. Original article: Open access
Potential of oligosaccharides from inulin in human nutrition and health
Shavnam Thakur, Adnan A. Khan and Wamik Azmi
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.18

147. Original article: Open access
Enzyme mediated synthesis and characterization of silver nanoparticles using keratinase enzyme producing micro-organisms
B. Sudha, S. Sumathi and V. Swabna
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.19

154. Original article: Open access
Extraction kinetics of phenolic compounds from jamun (Syzygium cumini L.) seeds: A statistical approach
Neha Yadav, Ajay Pal, Shiwani Mandhania, Praduman Yadav, Bharat Bhushan and Vinod Saharan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.20

162. Original article: Open access
Mitigation of dermal auto immune disease through combined action of natural constituents: An advantageous over allopathic medicines
Kuntal Das, Adnan A. Khan, V. Gowthami, Vivek Sharma and S. Yahya Ahmed
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.21

171. Original article: Open access
Isolation, characterization and evaluation of endophytic fractions of Centella asiatica (L.) Urb. (Leaves) for the management of Alzheimer’s disease
R. A. Shastry, P. V. Habbu, D. M. Smita, S. Chetan and V. H. Kulkarni
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.22

181. Original article: Open access
Screening for in vitro antioxidant activities, polyphenolic contents and neuroprotective potentials of Clinopodium serpyllifolium subsp. serpyllifolium endemic to Turkey
Sevgi Gezici, Didem Koçum, Fatih Yayla, Nazim Sekeroglu,and Adnan A. Khan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.23

187. Original article: Open access
Phytochemical extraction and quantification from wild pomegranate flavedo powder, their antioxidant and antimicrobial properties
Hamid, N. S. Thakur, Rakesh Sharma, Abhimanyu Thakur, Pradeep Kumar and Sunakshi Gautam
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.24

195. Original article: Open access
Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles using Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal extract and its antibacterial activity against food pathogens
R. Jagadheeswari, T. Lakshmi, Sri Renukadevi Balusamy, Sheba David and S. Raghunandha Kumar
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.25

199. Original article: Open access
Enhanced antimicrobial activity of as synthesized nanoparticles using natural antioxidants of plants origin
Tamanna Malik and V. K. Madan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.26

207. Original article: Open access
Assessment of antimicrobial activity and cytotoxic effect of green mediated silver nanoparticles and its coating onto mini-implants
Swapna Sreenivasagan, Aravind Kumar Subramanian and S. Rajeshkumar
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.27

213. Original article: Open access
Screening of selected plants for their effectiveness in the treatment of kidney stone
Susmita Gudulkar, Karishma Rajbhar, Himanshu Dawda and Usha Mukundan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.28

218. Review article:: Open access
Argemone mexicana L.: A weed with versatile medicinal and pharmacological applications
Afroz Alam and Adnan A. Khan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.29

224. Original article:: Open access
Process optimization for yogurt preparation incorporated with encapsulated Caesalpinia bonducella Flem. seed extract
Sadhna Mishra, Arvind, Dinesh Chandra Rai and Shikha Pandhi
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.30

229. Original article:: Open access
Process optimization of low calorie and fiber enriched ‘Sandesh’ using response surface methodology (RSM)
Himanshu Kumar Rai, Dinesh Chandra Rai, Arvind and Saloni
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.1.31

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Enhanced antimicrobial activity of as synthesized nanoparticles using natural antioxidants of plants origin
Tamanna Malik and V. K. Madan
Department of Chemistry, College of Basic Sciences and Humanities
MAP Section, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding

Volume - 9, Number - 1

January – June 2020

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