Volume – 9, Number – 2, July – December 2020

Volume – 9, Number – 2, July – Dec 2020

Annals of Phytomedicine: An International Journal
Editor-in-Chief : Dr. Irfan Ali Khan
Managing Editor : Dr. Atiya Khanum

1. Invited commentary
Role of Unani medicine in empowering national healthcare
Asim Ali Khan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.1

6. Invited article
Herbs that heal: Floristic boon to the natural healthcare system
Tamanna Malik, V. K. Madan and Ram Prakash
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.2

15. Special invited review article
 Micronutrients and phytochemicals against COVID-19: Mechanism and molecular targets
Yuva Bellik, Mostapha Bachir-Bey, Wided Fatmi, Mokhtaria Kouidri, Yasmina Souagui and Sidi Mohammed Ammar Selles
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.3

30. Special invited review article
Medicinal plants, aromatic herbs and spices as potent immunity defenders: Antiviral (COVID-19) perspectives
Nupur Mehrotra
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.4

50. Special invited review article
Benefits of dietary sesame seed and flaxseed to strengthen immune system during COVID-19 pandemic and prevent associated comorbidities related health risks
S. Rehan Ahmad and Pritha Ghosh
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.5

62. Special invited review article
Importance of vegetables as healthier diet in the management of COVID-19 pandemic
A. Indhuleka, R. Sanjana, J. Janet and V. Ragavi
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.6

80. Special invited review article
Spices boosting immunity in COVID-19
Santwana Palai , Manaswini Dehuri and Ritun Patra
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.7

97. Review article
Challenges and opportunities for traditional herbal medicine today with special reference to its status in India
Bushra Parveen, Abida Parveen, Rabea Parveen, Sayeed Ahmad, Minhaj Ahmad and Muhammad Iqbal
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.8

113. Review article
Systematic review on screening the role of chemosensitizer or synergistic drug and doxorubicin as dual drug loaded nanoparticle in overcoming multidrug resistant breast cancer
MD Imad Uddin and B Veeresh
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.9

125. Review article
Review on common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench): A potent Himalayan crop
Kuldip Chandra Verma , Amit Singh Rana, Nidhi Joshi and Dheeraj Bhatt
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.10

134. Review article
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal): A scientific review with respect to Ayurvedic perspectives
C.P. Khare and Andrew Vikram Naharwar
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.11

142. Original article
Development of standard operating procedures, phytochemical screening with HPTLC fingerprint of a polyherbal formulation
Aaisha Ansari, Mohammed Abdul Rasheed Naikodi, Uzma Viquar, Javed Inam Siddiqui, Munawwar Husain Kazmi
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.12

155. Original article
Formulation and storage studies of herbal based RTS beverages from persimmon (Diospyros kaki L.) fruit
Anjali Gautam, Anju K. Dhiman, Surekha Attri and Deepika Kathuria
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.13

164. Original article
 Synthesis and characterization of chitosan nanoparticles loaded with 6-gingerol isolated from Zingiber officinale Rosc.
MD Imad Uddin, P. Venkata Raja Srikar, Y. Preethi Karunya, Rachana Chakraborty and R. Deepika
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.14

172. Original article
Assessment of the preventive effects of Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn. seeds hydroethanolic extract and silymarin on complete Freund’s adjuvant-induced arthritis in wistar rats
Marwa S. Saber, Hanaa I. Fahim, Osama M. Ahmed, Noha A. Ahmed and Mohammed Abdel-Gabbar
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.15

183. Original article
Preliminary phytochemical screening, FTIR and GC-MS analyses of aqueous, ethanolic and methanolic extracts of stem of Tinospora cordifolia (Willd.) Miers for search of antidiabetic compounds
Preety Dubey, Shiv Kumar Jayant and Nalini Srivastava
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.16

198. Original article
Effect of packaging on phenols, flavonoids and antioxidant activity of dried wild pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) arils prepared in solar tunnel drier
Abhimanyu Thakur, N. S. Thakur, Hamid and Sunakshi Gautam
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.17

207. Original article
Nutritional composition and antioxidant profiles of Nigella sativa L. seeds
Swati Agarwal, Shraddha Tripathi, Arshi and Neetu Mishra
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.18

215. Original article
Revitalizing property of banana peel extracts by antioxidant activity and antibacterial activity against acne causing Staphylococcus epidermidis
P. Saravana Kumari, R. Ranjitha and N. Vidhya
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.19

223. Original article
Comparative assessment of Rhododendron (Rhododendron arboreum Sm.) flowers extract beverages through biochemical analysis and its quality evaluation during storage
N.S. Thakur, Aarti, Sunakshi Gautam, Aashu Chandel, Neerja Rana, Abhimanyu Thakur and Hamid
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.20

232. Original article
Protective effect of the polyherbal formulation, Nalpamaram against ethanol induced hepatotoxicity in rats
S. Jyothilekshmi, A. K. Valsa and Ramadasan Kuttan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.21

239. Original article
Hepatoprotective activity and constituents of Nigrospora sp. CMH2_13: An endophytic fungus isolated from leaves of Phyllanthus amarus Schum. and Thonn.
Smita K. Puri, Prasanna V. Habbu, Preeti V. Kulkarni, Arun B. Joshi, V. H. Kulkarni and Sheshagiri R Dixit
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.22

247. Original article
 Protective effect of different parts of Terminalia catappa L. in the hematological and biochemical profiles of immunosuppressed mice
P. Venkatalakshmi and P. Brindha
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.23

257. Original article
Phytochemical analysis and in vitro free radical scavenging activity of rhizome of Zingiber officinale Rosc.
P. Manju and A. Pushpa
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.24

263. Original article
Pharmacognostical evaluation of indigenous herbal drug: Carissa carandas Linn. fruit
Sonia Singh, Meenakshi Bajpai and Pradeep Mishra
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.25

271. Original article
Phytochemical evaluation of Amorphophallus smithsonianus Sivad.: A rare endemic species from Western Ghats, Kerala, India
Raghavan Kavalan, A. K. Abdussalam and K. M. Gothandam
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.26

277. Original article
Optimization of coating material for encapsulation of flax seed oil containing omega-3 fatty acids
Dinesh Chandra Rai, Arvind and Vinod Kumar Paswan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.27

283. Original article
Effect of piperine and quercetin pretreatment on safety profile of marbofloxacin after repeated oral administration in broiler chickens
Harshad B. Patel, Urvesh D. Patel, Chirag M. Modi, Dhaval T. Fefar and Amit R. Bhadaniya
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.28

293. Original article
Development of production technology for preparation of beetroot powder using different drying methods
Durga Shankar Bunkar, Anima Anand, Kamalesh Kumar Meena, S. K. Goyal and V. K. Paswan
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.29

302. Original article
Production, purification and characterization of prodigiosin by Serratia nematodiphilia (NCIM 5606) using solid-state fermentation with various substrate
Kamlesh Kumar Maurya, Abhishek Dutt Tripathi, Deepak Kumar and Suresh Kumar Srivastava
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.30

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Cover photograph :
Micronutrients and phytochemicals against COVID-19: Mechanism and molecular targets
Yuva Bellik, Mostapha Bachir-Bey, Wided Fatmi, Mokhtaria Kouidri, Yasmina Souagui and Sidi Mohammed Ammar Selles
DOI: 10.21276/ap.2020.9.2.3

Volume - 9, Number - 2

July – December 2020

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